Food safety in fast drying (QDS process®) of dry-cured meat products: high pressure and NaCl-free processing implementation

Stollewerk, Katharina
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With the objective to study food safety aspects of innovative meat technologies and combinations among them, QDS (Quick-dry-slice), NaCl-free processing and high pressure were integrated in the production of two types of sliced dry-cured meat products. Dry fermented sausages (chorizo) were produced at acid (4,8) and low acid (5,2) pH and hurdles such as acidification and smoking were introduced in the production of dry-cured hams. The food safety was evaluated by challenge tests with Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella. Pathogenic microorganisms could not grow in any of the products, however, their survival was affected by NaCl-free processing, acidification, smoking and pressurization at 600 MPa. High pressure was necessary to assure food safety during storage of the chorizo with the lowest hurdle combination and had an important bactericidal effect in dry-cured hams, which was lower in NaCl-free processing. ​
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