Competencias genéricas en la transición universitaria

Corominas Rovira, Enric
The university should add to the scientific and technical education of the students, the development of the so-called generic competences. They are cognitive, social, emotional and ethical (initiative, effort for quality, responsibility, etc.) competences which have a transferable condition and they constitute the " knowing of how to be" in the professional education of the university student. A structured proposal of the generic competences that could be included in the educative university action is presented. There is a description of the design and application of a question paper made to the students of the last course of Business Studies and their teachers to know not only the perception that the students have about the possession of generic competences, but also the valuation of students and teachers about the different generic competences for the professional profile of qualified people as well as the contribution of universities to the development or improvement of such competences. The data is analysed and checked, conclusions are extracted and action strategies are suggested ​
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