Aspectos ambientales implicados en la construcción de la identidad en una muestra de adolescentes de la Universidad Intercultural de Chiapas

The general aim of this paper is to explore and illustrate the role of the physical and psychological surrounding in narrative making of the personal identity. A qualitative study is put forward. It consists of a reduced version of the autobiographical multi-methodology (Bagnoli, 2004). That has been applied to a sample of six students of the Universidad Intercultural de Chiapas. The specific goals are: a) to illustrate, through citations obtained from interviews and graphical material, the theoretical concepts of attachment to the place (Pol, 2002; Vidal y colaboradores, 2004) and community sense (Kim y Kaplan, 2004); and b) to detect the most relevant factors of such concepts manifested in the students. Data was analyzed through the Atlas.ti computer program, version 5.0 (Muñoz, 2005). The findings suggest that sense of connection and participation in the community (action - transformation) has been observed as the most significant factors in our studied sample ​
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