Adaptación del cuestionario "Developing Evidence-Based Practice" al contexto de la enfermería de salud comunitaria en España y evaluación de sus propiedades psicométricas

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Objective: To adapt the community nursing version of the “Developing Evidence-Based Practice (DEBP )” questionnaire in to the primary health care (PHC) setting in Spain and to evaluate its psychometric properties. Methods: The DEBP questionnaire was translated, back-translated, and pilot-tested. During the first six months of 2010, 513 nurses participated in the study. Internal structure was analyzed by exploratory factor analysis. Reliability scores and sensitivity to change were assessed. Results: Factor analysis showed six components that explained 49 % of the variance. Reliability was satisfactory (consistency and agreement coefficients >0.70). Overall score and the “Skills for evidence-based practice (EBP)” component score showed a medium and a large effect respectively. Conclusions: The DEBP questionnaire adapted has satisfactory psychometric properties. It is a useful tool for measuring the development of EBP and assessing the barriers for its implementation ​
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