Multi-dimensional fairness for auction-based resource allocation

Multi-attribute resource allocation problems involve the allocation of resources on the basis of several attributes, therefore, the definition of a fairness method for this kind of auctions should be formulated from a multi-dimensional perspective. Under such point of view, fairness should take into account all the attributes involved in the allocation problem, since focusing on just a single attribute may compromise the allocations regarding the remainder attributes (e.g. incurring in delayed or bad quality tasks). In this paper, we present a multi-dimensional fairness approach based on priorities. For that purpose, a recurrent auction scenario is assumed, in which the auctioneer keeps track of winner and losers. From that information, the priority methods are defined based on the lost auctions number, the number of consecutive loses, and the fitness of their loser bids. Moreover, some methods contain a probabilistic parameter that enables handling wealth ranking disorders due to fairness. We test our approach in real-data based simulator which emulates an industrial production environment where several resource providers compete to perform different tasks. The results pointed that multi-dimensional fairness incentives agents to remain in the market whilst it improves the equity of the wealth distribution without compromising the quality of the allocation attributes ​
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