ACME: Plataforma de Aprendizaje Electrónico (e-learning) con Funcionalidades Deseables en el Ámbito de la Ingeniería = ACME: an E-learning Platform Including Desirable Features for Engineering Courses

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In this article we present a set of functionalities that we consider to be of fundamental importance for an e-learning platform that has to be applied in the context of engineering studies. As a practical case we describe the ACME platform, highlighting the automatic generation and assignation of problems with open solutions, the on-line correction and feed-back to the students, the automatic assessment of problems and the final assessment of students work. ACME has been used in the University of Girona in Spain, during the last years. The results, both qualitatively as well as quantitatively, confirm us that the application of the platform improves academic outcomes and also the learning process of the students. As a conclusion it can be said that elearning platforms that provide the described functionalities are suitable for engineering studies and overcome the main limitations of standard platforms ​
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