Experimental analysis of optimization techniques on the road passenger transportation problem

Analyzing the state of the art in a given field in order to tackle a new problem is always a mandatory task. Literature provides surveys based on summaries of previous studies, which are often based on theoretical descriptions of the methods. An engineer, however, requires some evidence from experimental evaluations in order to make the appropriate decision when selecting a technique for a problem. This is what we have done in this paper: experimentally analyzed a set of representative state-of-the-art techniques in the problem we are dealing with, namely, the road passenger transportation problem. This is an optimization problem in which drivers should be assigned to transport services, fulfilling some constraints and minimizing some function cost. The experimental results have provided us with good knowledge of the properties of several methods, such as modeling expressiveness, anytime behavior, computational time, memory requirements, parameters, and free downloadable tools. Based on our experience, we are able to choose a technique to solve our problem. We hope that this analysis is also helpful for other engineers facing a similar problem ​
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