Els briòfits de les basses de l’Albera, Alt Empordà

Casas, Creu
Cros i Matas, Rosa M.
Brugués, Montserrat
Sérgio, C.
We have studied some depressions and areas temporarily flooded where after the water evaporates, a high diversity and abundance of bryophyta can be observed on the emerged soil. For the distribution of these bryophytes we have established three concentric zones according to their humidity level. At the most external one, which is seldom flooded, the hepatics Riccia gougetiana and Fossombronia maritima were found, as well as various Anthocerotae. At the emerged zone Pseudephemerum nitidum, Archidium alternifolium and a high number of Riccia species, such as R. macrocarpa and R. warnstorfii could be found. In some depressions with a long flooding period, we observed pleurocarpous mosses such as Amblystegium riparium and Drepanocladus aduncus ​
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