Aportació al coneixement de la distribució d’anostracis i notostracis (Crustacea: Branchiopoda) als Països Catalans

Triops cancriformis, Chirocephalus diaphanus, Branchipus schaefferi and Tanymastix stagnalis are recorded in several new localities of Iberian Peninsula. A literature review of the previous localities is done. It is described the characteristics of the habitats in those that the four species have been located. This paper extends the geographic and altitudinal distribution range of T. stagnalis in the Iberian Peninsula. A reduction of T. cancriformis populations has been detected in rice fields where they were abundant. A significant number of localities are inside or near protected areas, so it is important a sensitivity in the management of these areas for the conservation of temporary waters. A better knowledge of the distribution of these species is the basis for a necessary and efficient species and habitat protection ​
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