Anatomical characteristics and reproductive structures of Kallymenia lacerata (Kallymeniaceae, Rhodophyta) from the Mediterranean Sea

Several vegetative and reproductive characters of the Mediterranean red alga Kallymenia lacerata are described here for the first time. K. lacerata is characterized by the following combination of features : laciniate adult blades, outer cortical cells spreading and forming rosettes around cells of the cortical layer underneath, elongated stellate medullary cells with distal arms, spermatangia grouped in sori, carpogonial branch systems consisting of supporting cells bearing both three-celled carpogonial branches and subsidiary cells that lack the hypogynous cell and the carpogonium, and cruciately divided tetrasporangia scattered over the thallus surface. K. lacerata is compared with the type species, K. reniformis, with other species of Kallymenia from the Western Mediterranean Sea, and with the genus Thamnophylli ​
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