Procesado de datos LiDAR en QGIS con SPDlib

Antolín Sánchez, Roberto
The use of LiDAR data (Light Detection And Ranging) has been increasing and is, today, the most commonly used data source for the generation of digital elevation models. Until now, there was no FOSS package able to process laser data with certain guarantees, however, SDPlib library supplies this lack. The SDPlib library is the implementation of the SPD format (Sorted Pulse Data) but also a set of tools for LiDAR data manipulation, processing and analysis. SPDlib is able to convert between different data formats, to classify the point cloud, to generate elevation models and to calculate statistical metrics. SPDlib tools are mainly used by command line, however, a new graphical interface has been integrated into QGIS desktop client. It is our intention to present here the SPDlib interface based on the QGIS Processing Toolbox and also to briefly show its use in order to produce basic cartography. A case of study is used to show the benefits that these tools may offer over other proprietary programs ​
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