Producción de la Base Topográfica Nacional 1:100.000 (BTN100) mediante base de datos espacial PostGIS

Sierra Requena, Rafael
This article describes the use of a PostGIS spatial Database for the production of the IGN National Topographic Database at 1:100,000 scale (NTBD100) and it explains the possibility of a multiproduction from different users at the same time using any GIS software. Spatial Databases store Geographical Objects´ geometries and attributes according to a specific data model and meet the technical specifications for the product. GIS Desktop Open source is used to visualize, insert and edit the spatial data. Some of the data model restrictions are directly implemented in the Database while others are applied using dynamic queries that assure the geographic information consistency. A temporal record of the product is automatically generated while the Geographic information is being captured. The goal is to have a Spatial-Temporal Management of Geographical Data and to have control over the geographical information producers's modifications. Furthermore, in this paper future improvements and quality control tasks will be analysed. Most of them are already working for NTDB100 with good results ​
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