Procesos web geoespaciales: dificultades y alternativas en el caso del visor SACOSTA

Frontera Borrueco, G.
Balaguer Huguet, P.
March Morlà, D.
Beltran Amengual, J.P.
ICTS SOCIB (Coastal Ocean Observing and Forecasting System located in the Balearic Islands) provides a web-based map viewer which displays cartographic data related to the environmental sensitivity of the coastline of the Balearic Islands (SACOSTA). The viewer is designed as a decision-making tool to support responses at the coast to potential oil spills in the sea. SACOSTA is built using using OpenGeo Suite technologies: spatial data stored in a PostGIS database, WMS layers served by GeoServer, viewer and composition of the layers using GeoExplorer. The viewer has a new functionality to analyse the environmental sensitivity of a given region. We present different options evaluated to achieve the following requirement: given a region represented by a polygon, what is the length of the coastline upon its geomorphological classification? On the one hand, we will explain how GeoServer WPS services could be used, a solution that would follow OGC standards. On the other hand, we introduce an ad hoc development using Flask, microframework for Python. This web application makes queries directly to the PostGIS database to extract aggregated information and returns it in JSON format. Finally, we present how this service has been integrated into GeoExplorer, where a new drawing and dragging tool has been added. The viewer use the new web service and displays some plots using d3.js library. Through this plots, the application allows to filter features of the layer depending on their type of coast. The application also includes a report generator of the environmental sensitivity of the selected region ​
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