GEONEFROSALVA, una plataforma SIG en software libre, para la caracterización de los Factores de Riesgo de la Enfermedad Renal Crónica de causas no tradicionales que afecta a la población agrícola de El Salvador

Ribó Arnau, Alexandre
Vela Parada, A.
Quinteros, E.
Mejía, R.
Orantes, C.M.
Molinas Daví, Joan
López, D.L.
The National Institute of Health of Ministry of Health of El Salvador has designed GEONEFROSALVA, a GIS platform as a tool for the study of chronic kidney disease of nontraditional causes, a disease that affecting the agricultural population of El Salvador. This platform has been built using free software (PostgreSQL , PostGIS and Quantum GIS) following Ministry of Health guidelines about the use of non-corporate software. GEONEFROSALVA is a tool to harmonize and control the heterogeneous set of information from various sources (results of analysis samples from different environmental phases,surveys on occupational exposure to toxic, cartographic coverages,etc.) necessary for the multidisciplinar characterization both possible causes and risk factors of Chronic Kidney Disease of nontraditional causes.The platform will extend with other database,that will contain epidiemiological and clinical information on kidney patients. Preliminary results of environmental information compiled in GEONEFROSALVA show high levels of heavy metal contamination in the environmental phases an especially Arsenic pollution, a nephrotoxic element, in the Ciudad Romero Community, a Salvadoran agricultural community greatly affected by chronic kidney disease nontraditional causes ​
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