Les primeres locutores de ràdio a Catalunya, dels inicis de l’invent al primer franquisme

This article examines the major role of female radio presenters in Catalonia as pioneers in creating new programme formats: magazines. The study highlights the major influence of the way radio was presented by these women, who lived exclusively from their radio work and, in many cases, for example during the Civil War, were the only presenters that were heard. The history of radio in Catalonia has always been explicitly related to the names of certain individuals who were considered pioneers of the invention. The first radio entrepreneurs were men, as were the engineers that constructed the radio transmitters and receivers. But communication, the important element that linked radio to its audience, had many female voices, many of which had been long forgotten in Catalonia until they were reclaimed by this research, and these represented veritable bastions of their radio stations, especially in the Civil War period, when male announcers were fighting or in exile ​
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