Democratización y nuevos poderes simbólicos entorno a la radio comunitaria en Mozambique

Marín García, Beatriz
Based on the case study of 6 community radio stations in Mozambique this research exposes the different kinds of social power arising from the implementation of this media in small societies. The community radio is catalyst for democracy that opens possibilities and acces to knowledge, as well as creating new positions of social prestige and symbolic power for community members who haven’t had it before. These local radios are a tool for development that mediate between users and modify their practices, hierarchical structures and empower the groups studied to achive their goals. The different ways to exercise the newly established power becomes a dynamic between the media and the society whitin which it works. Moreover, the community radio concept is widely linked to new scientific knowledge and to the community’s overall development, to such an extent that there is a kind of materialistic confusion where technology is seen as a solution for all the problems of these small Mozambican regions ​
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