Information Theory-Based Automatic Multimodal Transfer Function Design

In this paper, we present a new framework for multimodal volume visualization that combines several informationtheoretic strategies to define both colors and opacities of the multimodal transfer function. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first fully automatic scheme to visualize multimodal data. To define the fused color, we set an information channel between two registered input data sets and, afterwards, we compute the informativeness associated with the respective intensity bins. This informativeness is used to weight the color contribution from both initial 1D transfer functions. To obtain the opacity, we apply an optimization process that minimizes the informational divergence between the visibility distribution captured by a set of viewpoints and a target distribution proposed by the user. This distribution is defined either from the data set features, from manually set importances, or from both. Other problems related to the multimodal visualization, such as the computation of the fused gradient and the histogram binning, have also been solved using new information-theoretic strategies. The quality and performance of our approach is evaluated on different data sets ​
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