Clasificación del subtipo de fibromialgia de acuerdo con la sintomatología clínica y análisis de las diferencias de personalidad, psicopatología concomitante y calidad de vida percibida

Keller, Dagmar
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OBJECTIVES: 1. SFM subtypes identification.2. Determining differences in personality characteristics, presence of psychopathology and the received perception of quality of life related to health (HRQOL). 3. Identifying personality characteristics associated with different subtypes of FMS. HYPOTHESIS: Patients with major indicators of physical and psychopathological symptoms and lower HRQOL will present differences in personality characteristics that allow identifying of significant differences in personality factors between subtypes. METHODOLOGY: Observational, analytical and cross-sectional study of 66 patients diagnosed with FMS (ACR, 1990). RESULTS: Identification of subtypes with significant symptomatology differences. The results support the existence of differences in daily functioning, HRQOL, intensity of psychopathology and personality characteristics. CONCLUSIONS: Subgroups differ in levels of physical symptoms, psychopathology and HRQOL. The personality characteristics of each subtype are relevant to the group membership of greater or lesser involvement ​
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