La uniformidad temática en las secciones de internacional de los diarios madrileños frente a las secciones locales = The thematic uniformity in international sections of newspapers of Madrid in front of local sections

Izquierdo Abella, Luís
The media move forward a progressive uniformity on the selection of the news. But while some sections as international does it strongly other sections as local does it with more thematic variety. Trough the analysis of international and local sections of four most important newspapers of Madrid this research clarify that the coincidence rate of international sections is double than the local sections rate. Despite the correspondent networks of the newspapers, some factors like international press agencies and the media of the reference countries for Spain drive international sections to offer a limited agenda setting because of the important rate of coincidence. However in local areas the limited influence of other cities or countries let the newspapers offer a wider variety of news and a wider agenda setting ​
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