Evolución de la regulación jurídica de la publicidad sobre medicamentos en España (2001-2011) = Legal regulation evolution of the publicity on medicines in Spain (2001-2011)

The evolution of the legal regulation of medicines publicity in Spain has undergone significant advances and consolidation along the decade 2001-2011. The key element in this ordering is the Directive 2001/83/EC on the publicity of medicinal products for human use. This European Directive has been built, during this period, in all the countries of the European Union, so with it was put the bases to contribute to provide legal certainty to the interests of consumers and users and of the pharmaceutical industry in its attempt to use publicity and promotion as a tool to increase it sales. In these ten years, the Directive has been amended four times, with the adding of small contributions. In the last revision was re-consider the proposal represented by the pharmaceutical industry lobby to allow the direct “information” to consumers. Previously, the European Parliament rejected a similar proposal about the possibility to offer direct publicity to consumer, as happens in the United States and New Zealand. This chapter analyzes the evolution of regulation of advertising of medicines and concludes with the synthesis of the current regulation in 2011 ​
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