El marketing social como alternativa para combatir la violencia intrafamiliar = The Social marketing as alternative to combat the violence intrafamiliar

León, Seguí
Caridad, Gladys
The realization of this work demonstrates the necessary thing that one makes in our country the employment of the techniques of the social marketing for the confrontation to topics so sensitive as the violence intrafamiliar. As in spite of the so many efforts carried out in the search of alternatives to combat her, the violence intrafamiliar exercised by the man toward the woman in the breast of the family, inside the community in occasions invisibilizada remains and the woman doesn't come closer to request help to the pertinent authorities. In accordance with the cultures and respecting the characteristics of the communities, it is necessary to establish a plan of social marketing for potenciar the approach of the women that you/they are victims of violence intrafamiliar to the House of Orientation to the Woman and the Family (COMF).This type of attentions and orientation in Cuba are absolutely gratuitous, however there are elements that are gone being of the hand like the family orientation, the local development and the culture of the region. It is important to carry out a periodic study to the development of the violence inside the communities and to be planted the employment of the social marketing as alternative to diminish her or to guide the woman properly, because the entirety of the studies on the topic of the violence intrafamiliar doesn't include to the social marketing to give solution to this I lash. In spite of the treatment that is offered to the topic and the employment of the massive media in the search of solutions, it has not been possible to give control maybe to a phenomenon that extends inside our society charging peak, we should reconsider if the road that we continue is the suitable one ​
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