Thermal and magnetic field-induced martensite-austenite transition in Ni50.3Mn35.3Sn14.4 ribbons

Thermal and field-induced martensite-austenite transition was studied in melt spun Ni50.3Mn35.3Sn14.4 ribbons. Its distinct highly ordered columnarlike microstructure normal to ribbon plane allows the direct observation of critical fields at which field-induced and highly hysteretic reverse transformation starts (H=17kOe at 240K), and easy magnetization direction for austenite and martensite phases with respect to the rolling direction. Single phase L21 bcc austenite with TC of 313K transforms into a 7M orthorhombic martensite with thermal hysteresis of 21K and transformation temperatures of MS=226K, Mf=218K, AS=237K, and Af=244K ​
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