Qualitat microbiològica dels productes vegetals frescos mínimament processats i desenvolupament de tecnologies de bioconservació mitjançant bacteris de l'àcid làctic

Food safety today is conditiones by the implementation of new Tecnologies for food preservation based on mild treatments and mínimum process, Novel foods, severe restrictions in the toxicològic profile of chemical preservatives, And the drastic limitation /prohibition of antibiotics, and as a consequence, by the New emergint pathogens or by the increase of classical food-borne pathogens. Biopreservatives appear within this context with strong expectations, because thei are safe microorganisms of ten isolated from foods, chemical compounds of natural origin -antimicrobial peptides and proteins, botanical extracts, enzymes- and sintetic compounds based on natural structures, but less toxic and more eficients, like the amtimicrobial peptides. Among the microbial biopreservatives, lactic acid bacteria have shown great possibilities in the preservation of cured meat products, ready to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as to decrease microbial spoilage in food by products before processing for valorization. Our laboratory has performed an extense survey of the microbiological quality of fresh fruit and vegetables, and of ready-to-eat products, and have detect low levels, but significant of Salmonella sp., E. coli and Listeria spp., including L.monocytogenes, in retail markets and Supermarkets of Catalonia. Due to this reason, we started a project consisting of Developing application of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) obtained from these products, as biopreservatives. LAB were abundant in ready-to-eat fresh fruits and vegetables, specially in germinated seeds. From these products we obtained strains of Leuconostoc, Lactobacillus and Weissella, producing bacteriocins and with a Significant activity of control of L.monocytogenes in fresh apple and cut salad. Ather strains were efective in the inhibition of fungal rot during postharvest caused by Penicillium expansum ​
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