Desarrollo de materiales nanocristalinos de base hierro por aleado mecánico

Two alloys, Fe80Nb10B10 and Fe70Ni14Zr6B10, were produced by mechanical alloying. The formation of the nanocrystallites (about 7-8 nm at 80h MA) was detected by X-ray diffraction. After milling for 80 h, differential scanning calorimetry scans show low-temperature recovery processes and several crystallization processes related with crystal growth and reordering of crystalline phases. The apparent activation energy values are 315 ± 40 kJ mol–1 for alloy A, and 295 ± 20 kJ mol–1 and 320 ± 25 kJ mol–1 for alloy B. Furthermore, a melt-spun Fe-based ribbon was mechanically alloyed to obtain a powdered-like alloy. The increase of the rotation speed and the ball-to-powder weight ratio reduces the necessary time to obtain the powdered form ​
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