Rhaponticum repens (Compositae), una nueva planta alóctona para la Península Ibérica

López-Alvarado, J.
Crespo, M.B.
Garcia-Jacas, N.
Alonso, M.A.
Cristóbal, J.C.
Susanna, A.
Martínez-Flores, F.
Juan, A.
Sáez, L.
First record of the alien pest Rhaponticum repens (Compositae) in the Iberian Peninsula.- Rhaponticum repens is reported for the first time for the flora of the Iberian Peninsula. The species is native from Central Asia and has become invasive in Argentina, Canada, Europe and the USA. It was detected for the first time in abandoned fields from Vilablareix, near the city of Girona (Catalonia, Spain) and in the valley of the Vinalopó in Alicante (Valencia, Spain), where it was collected as early as in 1959 but misdentified. Molecular data, based on nrDNA region ITS, suggest that the reported populations may be closely related to plants from the United States. Due to the extremely noxious character of the species and the possible relationship of Spanish plants with the invasive American populations, some kind of monitoring is recommended ​
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