Tres notes sobre l’Ars predicandi populo de Francesc Eiximenis (autoria, datació i contingut) = Three notes on the Ars Predicandi populo of Francesc Eiximenis (authorship, date and content)

In spite of the fact that the Ars predicandi populo is attributed to Eiximenis in only one of the three extant manuscripts, there is no doubt that it is one of his works. First of all, the internal references to this treatise in the pages of Terç and Dotzè del Crestià are an irrefutable testimony and, secondly, the presence of an autograph volume of sermons which begins with the Ars in the inventory of the Eiximenis library made shortly after his death. The writing of the Ars and the collection of sermons which introduces it must be dated prior to the beginning of the Crestià encyclopedia (1379) because of the complexity that entailed the writing of a collection of three perhaps four volumes of sermons. Due to a series of formal and codicological reasons it must be concluded that the chapter entitled De consiliis circa predicacionem cannot be attributed to Eiximenis and thus be excluded from the Ars ​
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