Effect of Background, Attitudinal and Social Network Variables on PhD Students’ Academic Performance: A Multimethod Approach = Efecto de las variables personales, actitudinales y de red social en el rendimiento académico de los estudiantes de doctorado: un enfoque multimétodo

The aim of this paper is to predict the academic performance of PhD students understood as publications and presentations at conferences. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We use a multimethod approach, a quantitative web survey of PhD students and their supervisors and in-depth interviews. We surveyed all PhD students at the University of Girona (Spain) in their 4th and 5th year, who held either a PhD grant or a teaching position at the university. RESULTS: The explanatory variables of PhD performance are of three types: characteristics of the PhD students’ research groups understood as social networks, background variables and attitudinal characteristics. The quantitative analyses show the importance of some background and attitudinal variables like supervisor performance, having a grant, or motivation. The qualitative results show networking to be also important. Policy implications are drawn at country and university level. DISCUSSION: Policy implications are drawn at country and university level ​
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