Noves metodologies d’anàlisi de compostos volàtils mitjançant trampes d’agulla. Aplicació a l’anàlisi d’alè, atmosfèrica i d’aigües

New methodologies for the analysis of volatile compounds using needle traps. Applications to breath, atmospheric and water analysis. A new preconcentration technique has been developed for the analysis of volatile compounds based on the use of needle traps. These traps are based on stainless steel needles filled with one or more adsorbents, which allows the preconcentration of the anilities inside the trap by passing a gas flow through the needle. The parameters affecting the sorption/desorption process have been assessed (e.g. needle and liner dimensions, injector temperature, split less time, memory effects, and stability inside the needle). For liquid samples, four different sampling methodologies were studied, including passive and active sampling methods. The best results, considering the simplicity and sensitivity, are obtained by sampling the headspace volume using various cycles of a small and fix volume. Once the best conditions of analysis have been found, the method has been validated for gas and liquid samples. The results obtained show that needle traps are a good analytical methodology for the analysis of breath, environmental and liquid samples ​
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