La comunicación y la cultura, herramientas imprescindibles en las políticas de desarrollo

Vicario, Fernando
In accordance with Martin Serrrano (1982), it can be said that any living being communicates when the modifications and aptitudes involved in an expressive action are understood by another living being of the same or different species. In human beings, this communication process becomes a cultural system when different factors, some of which we have analyzed in this article, are introduced. The inclusion of differences, respect for different ways of understanding coexistence, the importance of information and time, the elaboration of data, the veracity, and the narratives that aim towards shared codification are all factors that help to determine the models of development that will define the growth patterns of the group. Distinguishing and understanding the importance of these components will help us understand the ‘viruses’ that are undermining the value of communication. Furthermore, this should also allow for the development of a more plural and equitable coexistence, in which respect for diversity and acceptance of differences lead to efficient consensus among all community members regarding models of growth ​
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