La economía política del patrimonio cultural en el tiempo del desarrollo sostenible

Greffe, Xavier
This article discusses the value of heritage as a component of sustainable development makes an analysis of the different readings or visions of heritage and the need for a new vision in contemporary society. It also suggests the need to guide the management of the assets to future scenarios in which social change will generate new perspectives and needs. From the historical evolution of the value of heritage for nation states and their incorporation as cultural goods and services, the article proposes new perspectives that define heritage as Rhizome, widening the prospects of individuals, communities and societies to changes in our relationships between individual practice and heritage. From the economic analysis of the value of heritage, the author presents a vision of heritage as a tourism product and the search value. It also makes a critical look at these models and emphasizes the need to find a balance between the economic role of heritage development and its symbolic value to civil society ​
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