Visor HLanData exprimido WFS

Cardoso Santos, Juan Luís
Pérez Gómez, Iván
Santana, M.
Urío Andueza, Roberto
The HLANDATA project aims to demonstrate the feasible European level harmonization of the Land Use and Land Cover datasets taking into account both the data categorization and the data models, for any of their possible uses and users, through the development of user oriented valueadded services. Web Mapping architecture: Data Storage (PostGIS / PostgreSQL spatial database), Application server (GeoServer map/feature server), Web Mapping development (OpenLayers, Client development: jQueryUI, MapFish print). Include the following value-added features: OpenID and OAuth authentication, Comparative analysis, and not only spatial (WFS service using information from different territories and spatial filters), but temporal analysis in case of having available information, Easy location of different coverages and land uses through WFS services, allowing color-thematizing, Generic query builder wizard to any WFS service, highlighting the results on screen and / or later download in GML and Advanced PDF printing, allowing to modify the resolution, page size and apply title and comments ​
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