IDEARQ : una infraestructura de datos espaciales para la publicación de datos arqueológicos

Fernández Freire, C.
Bosque González, I. del
Gutiérrez González, R.
Pérez Asensio, E.
Uriarte González, Antonio
Fraguas Bravo, Alfonso
Vicent García, J.M.
The Center for Humanities and Social Research of the National Research Council (CSIC) puts forward the development of a platform aimed at the dissemination of georeferenced archaeological collections, product of the research carried out by CSIC research teams, that might be of general interest for the scientific community. At a first moment it will consist of three relevant datasets: the Corpus de Pintura Rupestre Levantina, the Iberian Peninsula Late Prehistory Radiocarbon Database and the Iberian Peninsula Archaeometallurgical Database. It is a dataset comprising data of nearly 2000 archaeological sites spread all along the Iberian Peninsula that will make a great amount of reference data available to many experts, as well as to the general public, according to the Open Access Initiative regarding free and straightforward access to the results of scientific research. The publication through a Spatial Data Infrastructure implies the set up of a common Information System managed and updated within the CSIC, that is an implementation of the INSPIRE Cultural Heritage Application Schema developed within the Grupo de Trabajo Temático de Patrimonio Histórico, inside the Spanish SDI Working Groups. The implementation is supported thoroughly on free software: PostgreSQL + PostGIS for data management, Geoserver to publish OGC-compliant web services, WMS and authenticated WFS, and QGIS as reference GIS software for geographical data maintenance ​
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