The effect of lignin as a natural adhesive on the physico-mechanical properties of Vitis vinifera fiberboards

Lignin was used as a natural adhesive to manufacture Vitis vinifera fiberboards. The fiberboards were produced at laboratory scale by adding powdered lignin to material that had previously been steam-exploded under optimized pretreatment and pressing conditions. The kraft lignin used was washed several times with an acidic solution to eliminate any contaminants and low molecular weight compounds. This research studied the effects of amounts of lignin ranging from 5% to 20% on the properties of Vitis vinifera fiberboards. The fiberboard properties evaluated were density, water resistance in terms of thickness swelling, water absorption, and the mechanical properties in terms of modulus of rupture, modulus of elasticity, and internal bond. Results showed that fiberboards made from Vitis vinifera without lignin addition had weaker mechanical properties. However, the fiberboards obtained using acid-washed kraft lignin as a natural adhesive had good mechanical and water resistance properties that fully satisfied the relevant standard specifications ​
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