Utilización de software de corrección automática en el campo de las ciencias de la salud

We live in an era of profound changes in university education. The implementation of Bologna plan has led us to raise new teaching methodologies, to review the role of the student, competency assessment, the incorporation of ICT. Unthinkable acts, one or two decade ago. The TIC concept is very broad and is attributed to the media, processes and content usage. Inside the supports and platforms, we stress tools that allow automatic correction of exercises, because they are instruments of great educational value because instantly they assess students and provide instant feedback about the knowledge that they have either as message support or note. If the power of these tools, we add the Internet, using e-learning environment, the results allow us to work, edit, evaluate, resolve doubts, and so on, anywhere, anytime. We present part of a platform and the results of its use in the field of health sciences ​
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