Litterfall and mineral return in two cork-oak forests in northeast spain

Seasonal trends in littertall and potential mineral return were studied in two cork-oak forest sites in the northeastern Iberian peninsula. The estimated average litter production was 3.9.M- gy.e1ahar for one site and 4.6 .M- gy.e1ahar for the other; these figures are similar to those reported for holm-oak (Quercus ilex) forests in the same area. Seasonal litterfall patterns were typical of Mediterranean forest ecosystems. Leaves accounted for 46 to 78% of the total dry matter. Their annual weighted-average mineral composition was low in macronutrients (N 8-9; K 4-5; Mg 0.8-1.3; Ca 9-10 and P 0.4-1 m-)g.1g and relatively high in micronutrients such as Mn (2-2.2 m-)g.1g or Fe (0.3-0.4 m)-g..1g Minimum N and P concentrations were found during the growth period. Estimates of potential mineral return for an annual cycle were N 38-52, P 2.1-5.2, K 20-28, Ca 44-53 and Mg 5.4-5.0 k-,g.1ha depending on the site biomass and fertility ​
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