CODAMAT: a modern analogue techinque for compositional data

The quantitative estimation of Sea Surface Temperatures from fossils assemblages is a fundamental issue in palaeoclimatic and paleooceanographic investigations. The Modern Analogue Technique, a widely adopted method based on direct comparison of fossil assemblages with modern coretop samples, was revised with the aim of conforming it to compositional data analysis. The new CODAMAT method was developed by adopting the Aitchison metric as distance measure. Modern coretop datasets are characterised by a large amount of zeros. The zero replacement was carried out by adopting a Bayesian approach to the zero replacement, based on a posterior estimation of the parameter of the multinomial distribution. The number of modern analogues from which reconstructing the SST was determined by means of a multiple approach by considering the Proxies correlation matrix, Standardized Residual Sum of Squares and Mean Squared Distance. This new CODAMAT method was applied to the planktonic foraminiferal assemblages of a core recovered in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Kew words: Modern analogues, Aitchison distance, Proxies correlation matrix, Standardized Residual Sum of Squares ​
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