El Inhibidor de carboxipeptidasa de patata (PCI): un antagonista del EGF con actividad antitumoral

Blanco Aparicio, Carmen
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In this work we report that potato carboxypeptidase inhibitor suppresses the growth of several human and mouse pancreatic adenocarcinoma cell lines. The inhibitor also reduces the growth of solid tumors obtained by subcutaneous injection of human adenocarcinoma cell line in nude mice and the appearance of metastasis in mice injected intraesplenically with B16H10 melanoma cells. A transgenic line has been characterized, mice develop choroid plexus carcicomas and insulinomas. Lifespan of animals immunized with PCI I s significantly higher than control mice. To further characterize the effects of PCI on tumor cell growth, analyses of cell cycle phase distribution have been performed. A significant increase in the G0/G1 phase is also detected. This finding is correlated with an increase in the mRNA expression of p53. Moreover, we have demonstrated that PCI is easily internalized by the cells and the inhibitor remain altered after the internalization ​
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