Aproximacions sintètiques per a la preparació en dissolució i fase sòlida de llibreries de sistemes herocíclics de 5 membres amb elevada diversitat molecular. Síntesi d'imidazolones, triazoles i imidazoxazoles

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According to a strategy based on an Aza-Wittig reaction type, an efficient methodology in solution toward the synthesis of libraries of 2-aminoimidazolones with high molecular diversity has been developed. The strategy is readily adapted to the solid support. The regioselectivity in the heterocyclisation reaction between the corresponding carbodiimides and different primary amines for the synthesis of 2-aminoimidazolones has been studied. A correlation between the regioisomer obtained and the stereoelectronic properties of the primary amines used was stablished. The structural elucidation of there 2-aminoimidazolones was unambiguously established based on spectroscopic properties and X-Ray diffraction data ​
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