Failure mechanism under tensile loads in CFRP 0-90º cross-ply laminates containing voids

Lozano Pedrero, Carles
The failure mechanism of a voided CFRP 0-90° cross-ply laminate under tensile loads applied in one direction was studied in this Final Degree Project. For this purpose, voided coupons were manufactured for being tested and a FEA was done. In both investigations, voids were placed in 90º and 0º direction, in order to understand the void location influence. On the one hand, the behaviour of the voided laminates was investigated through a FEM in order to preview the stress distribution within the material. On the other hand, voided specimens where manufactured by applying blowing agent in between the inner layers. These specimens were tested by a quasi-static step wise tensile test where data showing its real behaviour was collected. Specimens were X-rayed after each step of the test in order to investigate the failure mechanism of the composite. Data from the test was studied so that relations such as strength of the laminates, crack density per stress, void length per first crack at the void and void area per first crack at the specimen could be characterized ​
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