Una altra manera de comunicar a l'espai Europeu d'Educació Superior. Aplicació de la plataforma WEBCT en matèries Universitàries

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From the 2006-2007 academic year arose at the University of Seville take a further step forward in the assumption of the European Higher Education Area. It convenes a plan for renewal of teaching methodologies aimed at faculty who would like to change the way you teach at the university. One of the main priorities has focused on the conversion and use of materials through the WebCT platform. Blackboard Learning System-WebCT is a platform for distance learning (e-learning) allows to build and manage online courses, and training via the Internet, conducting the tutoring and monitoring of the student body. It has a set of tools that enables this capability, which includes module Content (teaching materials on the subject); communication tools (forum, internal mail and chat); assessment tools (tests, work and selfevaluation); and tools for monitoring and management students. This paper aims to analyse the communicative interaction between teachers and learners in the use of virtual platform WebCT. Specifically, the subject of Psychology of Groups and Organizations, for the fifth course in Psychology ​
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