La transformació del paisatge del delta de la Tordera en els darrers cent cinquanta anys: una anàlisi per mitjà dels canvis en els usos i les cobertes del sòl

This article compares the mid-nineteenth century landscape of the River Tordera delta with the present day landscape, based, above all, on the changes that have occurred in land use and land cover. The mid 19th century landscape was reconstructed using data obtained from the amillaraments (land inventories) and other historical documents. Present-day land use and cover was established through photo interpretation and field work. The most important changes detected concern the almost complete disappearance of certain crops, such as vineyards, which were very important in the 19th century; the expansion of forest in place of abandoned tilled land and the increase in built up areas, which, taken together, produce a highly fragmented landscape pattern ​
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