El medi està androcentrat. Qui el desandrocentritzarà?... Experiència femenina, coneixement ecològic i canvi cultural

The article is the result of an attempt to define universal categories which permit a nonandrocentric conceptualization of the natural environment, in which femenine experience in environmental topics is unveiled and emphatized as a collective heritage. The theoretic content concentrates on defining and outlining the characteristics of two basic concepts: the femenine model of conscience and environmental actionr and ccwomen's ecologismn. The potential of both concepts for structuring research in genderlenvironment relations is demostrated. Finally, the article offers reasoned criticism of the androcentric nature of the guide-lines which predominate in environmental management and proposes, as the basis of an alternative model, the recognition of the legitimacy and authority of feminine experience in environmental affairs ​
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