Cancer mortality inequalities in urban areas: a Bayesian small area analysis in Spanish cities

Puigpinós Riera, Rosa
Marí Dell’Olmo, Marc
Gotsens Miquel, Mercè
Borrell, Carme
Serral, Gemma
Ascaso, Carlos
Calvo, Montse
Daponte Codina, Antonio
Esnaola, Santiago
Gandarillas, Ana
Martos Jiménez, Mª Carmen
Montoya, Imanol
Nolasco, Andreu
Pasarín, Isabel M.
Rodríguez Sanz, Maica
Sánchez Villegas, Pablo
Intra-urban inequalities in mortality have been infrequently analysed in European contexts. The aim of the present study was to analyse patterns of cancer mortality and their relationship with socioeconomic deprivation in small areas in 11 Spanish cities ​
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