A mixed H2/H∞-based semiactive control for vibration mitigation in flexible structures

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In this paper, we address this problem through the design of a semiactive controller based on the mixed H2/H∞ control theory. The vibrations caused by the seismic motions are mitigated by a semiactive damper installed in the bottom of the structure. It is meant by semiactive damper, a device that absorbs but cannot inject energy into the system. Sufficient conditions for the design of a desired control are given in terms of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs). A controller that guarantees asymptotic stability and a mixed H2/H∞ performance is then developed. An algorithm is proposed to handle the semiactive nature of the actuator. The performance of the controller is experimentally evaluated in a real-time hybrid testing facility that consists of a physical specimen (a small-scale magnetorheological damper) and a numerical model (a large-scale three-story building) ​
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