Expert supervision based on cases

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The paper focuses on taking advantage of large amounts of data that are systematically stored in plants (by means of SCADA systems), but not exploited enough in order to achieve supervisory goals (fault detection, diagnosis and reconfiguration). The methodology of case base reasoning (CBR) is proposed to perform supervisory tasks in industrial processes by re-using the stored data. The goal is to take advantage of experiences, registered in a suitable structure as cam, avoiding the tedious task of knowledge acquisition and representation needed by other reasoning techniques as expert systems. An outlook of CBR terminology and basic concepts are presented. The adaptation of CBR in performing expert supervisory tasks, taking into account the particularities and difficulties derived from dynamic systems, is discussed. A special interest is focused in proposing a general case definition suitable for supervisory tasks. Finally, this structure and the whole methodology is tested in a application example for monitoring a real drier chamber ​
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