Historia del inicio y desarrollo del teatro moderno en Barcelona (1579-1606)

Moreno Jimenez, Sergio
The present work gathers, classifies, orders and contextualizes more than two hundred documents found in various archives and libraries and unknown up until now, related to the first stage of development of the modern drama in Barcelona, understanding by "modern theater" the one developed in Spain not before the 16th century, made official by traveling companies and consisting of the representation for a specific audience and in a specific space of the works of professional playwrights. Such research is located in the context of the history of the dramatic scene in Spain, with a long tradition in Hispanic studies, from the compilation —already in the 18th century— of the Genealogía, origen y noticias de los comediantes de España (c. 1723), going through the great historicopositivist works of the s. XIX and finally emptied in works as prominent as the Fuentes para la historia del teatro en España (London, Tamesis, 36 vols.) or the Diccionario biográfico de actores del teatro clásico español (DICAT, University of Valencia). The documentation found testifies a vast development of the stage in Barcelona since the last third of the 16th century, which will not cease until the change in the administrative model derived from the establishment of the Bourbon monarchy in Spain. Actors and actresses from all the peninsular kingdoms will bring to Barcelona the works of the great —and not so great— Castilian playwrights, from Lope and Tirso to Calderón. After the explanation and contextualization of all the documentation found, the transcriptions and signatures of each of the documents are presented, also indicating whether or not it is unknown documentation to this date. This thesis, therefore, aims to fill an inexplicable gap in the tradition of dramatic studies for each and every of the cities of the Hispanic geography ​
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