The influence of culinary movies as a popular culture tourism phenomenon in shoot destinations Handbook of Popular Culture & Tourism [Chapter 37]

Films contribute to our knowledge of spaces and the cultures reflected in them, thus forming an image of the destination shown in the film. The chapter investigates how culinary films influence tourism flow in the places where they were filmed. Throughout the chapter, a content analysis of films and destination websites has been conducted. The chapter focuses on two messages: the message delivered through the selected movies and the one transferred by the official websites of the analyzed touristic destinations, in order to understand the relationship between the gastronomic movies and the destination marketing organizations (DMOs) where they have been filmed. It focuses on France as a general destination due to its cuisine, and the villages of Flavigny-sur- Ozerain and Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, and the city of Paris in particular. The chapter aims at determining how (DMOs) of the places where films were shot take advantage of this ​
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