El informe pericial químico en la determinación de residuales de disparos. contenidos mínimos, razonamiento experto y debido proceso

Meza, Matías
This article aims to analyze an expert report produced by the legal chemistry area in the determination of gunshot residue. The purpose is to determine if it has the necessary information to evaluate the quality of the expert knowledge, considering the demands of due process. To achie-ve this purpose, first of all, the content of the report will be described in relation to procedural regulations and expert practice, focusing on its formal aspects. In the second part, emphasis will be placed on the substantial aspects, highlighting the content of the specialized knowledge present in the expert report, and evaluating the quality of the expert knowledge in the particular case, trying to understand the logic underlying the expert reasoning. Finally, in the third part, reflections and recommendations for improvement will be presented, related to the previous points, with the purpose of contributing to the quality of specialized knowledge, which is essential to guarantee an adequate legal process ​
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