Encapsulació d'olis essencials vegetals en nanopartícules lipídiques pel tractament de símptomes menstruals: desenvolupament i llençament d'un nou producte

Vázquez Platel, Nadia
García Gonzalo, Claudia
Alba Marin, Carolina
An ample majority of women at a fertile age experience a certain type of symptomatologyduring theirperiod, observedeither inaphysical orpsychological dimension.The physical symptoms, mainly the acute pain in the lower abdominal area, are sharedby a high percentage of patients. Nowadays, in order to alleviate these symptoms, the pharmacological market is limited, providing on lyanti-inflammatory medicines and analgesics, both for general use. There is on lyone drug specifically designed to alleviate the se displeasing symptoms, and it is not recommended for all fertileages. For these previous reasons, a study was realized based on a survey with the mission of discovering the most frequent symptoms in the female population during their menstrual cycle. It was observed that 89.4% of the studied population experienced frequent pain, and from this percentage, 80.1% were pains in the lower abdominal area. From this point on, our objective was to design a medicine to treat this specific symptom. This medicine is based on the incorporation of vegetable essential oils in side lipidnano particles and achieve a delayed release; taking advantage of the therapeutic properties and drugs of these lected plants ​
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