Changes and Transformations on the Coast Using the Example of Roses (Alt Empordà, Catalonia)

Bouzas Sabater, Marc
Julià Brugués, Ramón
Pons Mir, Pere
Solà Subiranas, Joan
This article aims to show the transformation of the coast in the extreme northeast of the Iberian Peninsula. It is focused on the Ciutadella de Roses. Data were integrated from the digital elevation model (LIDAR), a geomorphological analysis, and lithostratigraphic and chronological correlations based on eight geological boreholes and twelve radiocarbon datings, along with historical data and archaeological remains found in the surroundings of the Ciutadella. This enabled a hypothesis to be established on the palaeolandscape around the site. The evolution of the shoreline from Ancient Greek times to the modern period is detailed, and evidence of its form at different chronological moments is presented. To sum up, the article defines the evolution of the palaeolandscape in the territory and links it to the historical evolution of the site. In addition, the evolution of the relationship between river courses, the sea and the sea level is explained ​
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